How to Maximize Coupon Savings

Soften the Blow

With food prices on the rise it seems like your getting less and less while paying more and more. Coupons are a great way to help soften the blow of your weekly food bill. No one is asking you to become an extreme couponer but taking a few pages out of their book and clipping a few coupons could lead to substantial savings. For many people, food shopping is an annoying and expensive use of their free time, but everyone needs to eat. So, how do you get the most for your money?


Go Through Sale Circulars

Take the time to go through the circulars. Most major supermarket chains have weekly specials that offer discounted prices on various items that are usually discounted at checkout with the use of that stores club card. Everyone has them now it seems. If you don’t have their club card or membership card you are forced to pay full price at checkout. Remember when you could just go to a store buy something and leave? Now they want your phone number, your email address or your home address because what you really need is more junk stuffed into your email inbox and home mailbox. Having their card is also a way to track your buying habits. If you want to maximize the sales, though, it’s necessary.

Combine Coupons

Combining manufacturers coupons with store specials is a great way to stay on or under budget when food shopping.  Never fear, there are plenty of ways to get coupons for your favorite stuff at sites such as that offer printable manufacturers coupons on everything from food and paper products to pharmacy items and clothes from popular retail stores like Kohls and Target. Now, when it comes to food shopping one key in maximizing coupon savings is to shop the sales, even if that means shopping at more than one store.


Educate Yourself

Thanks to YouTube the unwary shopper now has access to the knowledge and experience of pro shoppers from around the country who are more than willing to share their tips and tricks for maximizing coupon savings. Also, websites like  offer tips and tricks of the couponing trade. One of their useful tips is to use more than one coupon to truly maximize your savings. The trick is to buy several of an item that is on sale and store it away until you need it. If you don’t have a regular food pantry at home, you might want to think about large clear stackable storage containers that could be stored in your garage or basement. Even investing in some shelving units to store dry and canned goods could help you save money by allowing you to stock up on items you use on a regular basis when they are on sale.

Use Apps & Websites

Also, it’s becoming more of the norm for stores to offer their own store smart phone apps where you can create a shopping list and load coupons onto your shopper card. Combining these coupons with manufacturer coupons and shopping sales is the best way to maximize your coupon savings. There are also apps for manufacturer coupons, such as, which can further add to your coupon maximizing. Be sure to check your local supermarket site or app for updates regularly, as they are always looking to improve your shopping experience via their apps.

Stay Organized

Lastly, stay organized. You might consider a small binder or pouch to keep your coupons organized and beware of expiration dates. You don’t want to plan your shopping list around coupons that have expired, and wind up having to pay full price or abandon your items at checkout. It’s also a good idea to check the sales dates of your local supermarket’s circular. That way your shopping list is current and further maximizes your savings. Good luck and Bon Appetite’!

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